Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ask and ye shall receive

Questions are vital! We had a great class discussion about the Lord's timing. And we all came to the conclusion that the Lord has promised us many blessings, and he is just waiting for us to ask for them. It really is as simple as Ask and ye shall receive. If we believe that, it will happen. My companion and I have learned that asking inspired questions is the best way to teach. Also, we have really taken the time as a district to sit down together and study the book of Mormon. We will read one verse, and then we can talk about it for a long time. It is great to hear everyone's personal insights, to really stop and think about why each verse is in the book of Mormon, and how it can help our investigators. We have done this a few times now, for about an hour each time. I think we are now on verse 13 of 1st nephi, it is a fantastic way to feast on the words of Christ, allow everyone to input, and share testimony. I am really listening to the Spirit, and seeking out moments for my own growth.



Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Week in the MTC

Hi Everyone!!
This week has been fantastic! I had the opportunity to sing in the MTC choir, we sang Come Thou Fount. The director talked about the meaning of the lyrics. I don't have time to relay the whole story. But, you should read the story about the Israelites and the Ebenezer that they raised up as a reminder of their turning to God. The director suggested that our missions be an Ebenezer in our personal lives, so we can look back on this time of service and remember the joy that comes when you give your whole heart to the work of the Lord. As all of us missionaries sang with this thought on our mind, the song was so powerful and had a whole new meaning for me.

Also, I have focused this week on really being led by the Spirit in all that I do. I have found that service is by far the best way to get the Spirit by your side. As I pray to have charity I am able to feel the love that God has for each of us,his children. It is an amazing feeling. I know that God loves each of us more than we can imagine and he wants to hear everything about our lives. If we go to him with our questions, fears, hopes and dreams, he will lead us to answers, give us comfort and show us the potential we have to make our hopes and dreams reality

I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that He is my Savior and that through his atonement we can sincerely repent, be baptized, receive the Holy Ghost into our lives, and ultimately return to live with our Father in Heaven. I am so excited to share this knowlege with others and invite them to come unto Christ.

Please write often! I would love to hear from all of you!!
With Love,
Hermana Kimball 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Kate's New Address at Provo MTC

Hi  Family and Friends!!
I am loving the MTC so much! In my district there are four sisters. We are all waiting on our visas so we can get to the Peru CCM. They are all wonderful sisters who are excited to share the Gospel with the world. And for some reason they were all allowed two suitcases and a carry-on, and a purse?? We all joke now about how I must be being sent to the middle of nowhere since I only was allowed one suitcase. I really am seeing the miracle it was that I fit everything on my list into just one suitcase! well at least I hope it is everything on my list!! 

Anyway, my companion, Hermana Marchant, is so sweet and fun! She is a swimmer and an artist and in our first lesson she bore a short but very strong testimony, in Spanish! Speaking of Spanish, mine is coming along. They say that you learn two languages at the MTC. First, of course, your mission language and more importantly you learn how to speak the language of the Spirit. Most missionaries say that if you can speak the language of the Spirit you don't need to worry about speaking Spanish. So I am focusing on having the Spirit of the Lord with me and really being able to hear, understand, and follow instructions received from the Lord. Our Sister Training Leader, Hermana Pearse (She is from Australia and has a beautiful accent), anyways she suggested that the fastest way to bring the Spirit is through prayer. I have read the scriptures for years that say to constantly have a prayer in your heart but just now I am realizing that that isn't an exaggeration. We really are supposed to be in Constant communication with the Lord! It will take some time for me to get there but the Spirit is really strong here at the MTC! Also,the days are busy here and I feel like I am either in my chair in the classroom, in the cafeteria, or asleep. I love all the time I have to study the scriptures. Having a solid hour to read my scriptures everyday I know will bring many blessings and increased understanding throughout my mission.

 I have also seen a number of people that I know here. It is always great to see a familiar face. Luckily, now the people I've known for two days have become familiar faces as well and its good to see them around the MTC campus. Today is our Preparation Day so Hermana Marchant and I got to plan out our own schedule a bit. We went to the gym early, too early actually because it was still closed, so we went back later. Exercising to the sound of conference talks and church videos will take some getting used to... it's quite a bit different from the beats I usually zone out to while running. Also, We get to go to the temple today!! I am so excited! The wife of one of the members of our Branch Presidency gave us her family names to take,so that should be a great experience! Last night we had interviews with the Branch President, President Peer. He is convinced that my visa should come in soon, I really hope he is right. I am just so excited to jump into the work! I know it will be hard, the days are already long but I also believe that it will definitely be worth it!

Also, here is my address, so send letters anytime!!
 Sister Katherine Rose Kimball
MTC Mailbox # 115
PER-CHI 0618
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793
Hermana Kimball

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

 I have so enjoyed all the support over the past 5 months as I prepared for my mission.  But time has sped by and tomorrow I report to the MTC!  My visa has not come yet so instead of going straight to Peru I will start learning Spanish at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah. I will put up my address here as soon as I get it and would love to hear from all of you!