Friday, June 14, 2013

Hey Everyone,


    First off, an update on my visa situation. My visa for Peru still has not come and I have been notified that I am in line to be reassigned to a new mission. I am so excited to go out and serve so now I am just waiting to find out WHERE I will be. I feel all that pre mission call excitement all over again. My companion, Hermana Marchant got her reassignment today; she is going to Salt Lake City, Utah... about 15 minutes from her house! So, maybe I will be back in SoCal? That would be crazy, but it is wonderful and I will let all of you know as soon as possible because I would love to keep getting some letters!


This week has been pretty crazy. My companion was eaten alive by what the doctor suspects were bed bugs. So all day on Monday we did laundry, cleaned every inch of our belongings and moved rooms. It was quite an adventure! We now live in a room with four sisters who speak Chinese. One of them is Cousin Kelsey Kimball’s really good friend Sister Koch so that is cool. Also this week I found Elder Remington, he made it to the MTC alive and I’m sure he will be a great missionary! Also, I see Sister Leofke here all the time, she was supposed to get her reassignment last night so I am excited to see her again and find out the news! It is so wonderful to see so many friends here all dedicating their lives to the work of the Lord!


Also, on Tuesday for devotional we had a gigantic meeting in the Marriott Center. All of the missionaries walked the couple of blocks over to BYU Campus, it was an adventure. Plus since there were lots of people stuck in one place, my companion and I jumped on the opportunity to do contacting. We shared testimony of our Savior and about the restoration of Christ´s Church. I love sharing my beliefs with others. This gospel is so true! I love having the opportunity to really study the Book of Mormon and the Bible and to get on my knees and really talk to God. I know that He loves us and will help us with anything. If we pray to Him sincerely with questions or concerns, He will listen and He will respond. I have found many answers to prayers as I search the scriptures, listen attentively in church meetings, and especially when I act in faith. This week I have really been praying to feel the love that God has for others. When I go out and in faith try to show Gods love to others, I can really feel a portion of that love for them. If there is something that we want we must ask God, then act in faith, and He will bless us. I really liked one thing my zone leader, Elder Conley, said the other day, he said  ¨We pray to the most powerful being in the entire Universe, yet we, as his children, have the opportunity to address him as Father¨ I love that!  God is our Heavenly Father, He created us, He loves us more than we can imagine, and He wants to hear about our lives every day!


I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary and am so excited to find out where I get to be serving for the next 17 months! Also, I love getting letters from all of you, write anytime. It really is like Christmas when a letter arrives!


With Love,

Hermana Kimball