Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hi Everyone,
I am really loving the MTC! Everyday I learn something new about how the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bring joy to my life and to the lives of the people who I am teaching. Right now my compainon and I have three investigators. They are actully teachers at the MTC but they take on the role of someone who they taught on their mission. It is really a great experience to teach them, share testimony and watch them grow. Also we started TRC it is the Teaching Resource Center and people from all over the county come to talk with the missionaries. Most of the people are members of the Church but as missionaries our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ, so talking with members of the Church about gospel principles is equally as important as helping non mormons to recognize the necessity for Christ in the lives. I love these lessons with church members. Everyone has things that they struggle with and it is so fun as a missionary to find those needs and then teach them about the principle (whether it be prayer, church attendance, eternal families, or repentance) which will ultimately help them to find more joy in their lives.
 This week in church I was called on to give the talk. The Branch President gives everyone a topic each week then randomly chooses people from the congregation to speak. I was chosen this week and it was really fun. My talk was on the Atonement, well it was in Spanish so I hope I was talking about the Atonement, but either way it went well. In doing research for the talk I was reminded of the fact that  the Atonement allows us to go to the Lord with anything. It is not simply for forgiveness of sins. The Atonement is all encompassing. Christ died for us. He took upon Him all of our sins, sorrows, dissapointments, and fears.  When we sincerely pray to our Father in Heaven we can feel the peace, comfort, and cleansing power of the Atonement. This week I have also realized the need to act in faith. It is good to pray and to ask for answers, blessings or forgiveness; however, if we do not act then we will not receive any of those things. If you are looking for answers, ask in prayer, but then search your scriptures and take time to ponder. If you need forgiveness, ask for it, then start changing your heart and life. And if there is something you have asked to be blessed with, start serving others to bring blessings into their lives and you will find even greater blessings than you asked for come into your own life.
I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. I love being a missionary and I love serving. There is work here to be done in the MTC, it is so strengthening to share testimony with other missionaries. I love this work and I love all of you. Please feel free to write me letters whenever!!
With Love,

Hermana Kimball