Sunday, June 9, 2013

The weeks have flown by incredibly fast here. I have less than 15 days until I am sent out into the mission field! If my visa comes in time I will head straight to Peru, if my visa doesn't come then I will get to serve in a mission here in the United States until my visa does come. I am beyond excited to serve! I pray every day that I will be prepared to teach the people that are ready to hear the gospel where ever I may be.  Last Wednesday I was able to be a host for the new missionaries coming in. It was so fun to meet them at the curb, help them pry away from their family and drag their suitcases up to their rooms. It reminded me of that first day excitement and how wonderful it felt to put on the nametag that sets me apart as a representative of Jesus Christ. I am so honored to be his ambassador! It has been such a learning experience for me as I really try to be like Him.  I suggest taking the quiz on page 126 of the book Preach my Gospel.  It is a great self-evaluation that really helped me to recognize the things that I need to change in my life so that I can be a better example of my Savior.

 Another great thing this week was our lesson in the Teaching Resource Center. We had 40 minutes to teach, but it went by so quickly. With help from the Lord, my companion and I were able to really discern his needs, and we helped him establish four goals on how he can improve. And, keep in mind that this is someone who works here at the MTC he coordinates missionary teaching, he is an amazing person, yet he still had things that he knew needed to change, he still wanted to draw even closer to Christ. It is so great to help others recognize a need for change. I love watching the desire to change grow in them and then it is a wonderful feeling when we get to tell them how that change is possible for their personal lives.  I love this gospel and I love being a missionary.


Hermana Kimball