Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hey Everyone!

This first week in Peru has really flown by! The Spanish is coming along. My companions and I (we are in a trio) teach English classes twice a week, I love it!!  The ward members here are also really invovled in the work. They love joining us in lessons and it helps SO MUCH!! Also the food is quite delicious. My favorite thing by far is the different juices... pineapple, watermelon, peach... the are awesome!!! While I´m on the topic of cool Peruvian things... I will mention a few more.
    1. Motos.  They are basically motorcycles with a seat for three in the back. And they are super fun to ride. We went to the Plaza today for pday and so we got to ride in one... it was great and at the plaza they have american food... so I had a good old fashioned McDonalds Hamburger!
   2. The second thing, the traffic. It isn't as bad here in Chiclayo as it was in Lima but, NEVER again will I say something about California traffic. I am pretty sure that there are NO traffic laws here.. and if there are, they are completely ignored, it is just every man for themselves.. but the amazing thing is... there are no accidents... It doesn't make sense, but its the truth!
  3. Third there are dogs and cats everywhere... and I actually really enjoy it. Sometimes they will follow us around and I actually find it super cute. My favorite dog is Sparky..he is hairless and lives by our house. Also Pirate is an awesome dog because his name totally suits him he always sits proud and stares you down.
   4. One last thing I have realized is that I am very tall and very blonde. But it really is great.. and sometimes I think that my gringa-ness opens doors and helps us get taxis faster. Es muy chistoso!! 
Now, aside from cool Peruvian things, the work here is such a joy!! There is something so special about kneeling in a strangers home and teaching them how to pray to their loving Father in Heaven, or that moment when the plan of salvation all connects in an investigators mind and you can see the hope fill their eyes. I get up every morning at 630 for moments like that. I knock on doors to find people like Karen, a darling thirteen year old who just wants a happy family and to know that she has a purpose here. I love going to lessons for people like Hermano Osvaldo, he is such an intelligent man and loves the simplicity and logic of the gospel. He asks such inspired questions and recognizes the Spirit so well. I love visiting the ward members too. Their stories are inspiring. Our pensionista (who makes us amazing food, and who made all my white clothes ten times whiter!) is a return missionary and so amazing. She has wonderful spirit and has raised a beautiful family. She is a great example to me of charity and joy in the journey, plus she is hilarious! Another thing I love about the ward here, are all the little kids. They are great examples to me and to their families. They share bold testimonies and love to serve. Many of the teenagers here are so quick to give us references and accompany us to lessons, it is truly a blessing! 
I love this work. I love this gospel and I know that it is the truth. I know that if we follow the example of our Savior Jesus Christ we can one day return to live with our loving Father in Heaven. I know that God has a plan for each of us and that he wants us to be happy every day. I am so grateful that part of my plan is to be a missionary and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people of Peru.

Write often!  I love you all lots!!

-Hermana Kimball