Monday, July 15, 2013


 This week has been so incredible! I had an exchange on Tuesday and went to Monsafu for the day with Hermana Huanca. It was lots of fun. We were able to teach quite a few lessons about the Plan of Salvation and the purpose of life here on Earth. There hadn´t been a north American in that area for a while so lots of people wanted to take pictures with me and see pictures of my family. It is so fun to share pics of the family. Everyone mentions how very tall and very blonde we all are. Also, while in Monsafu the pensionista served us pancakes with PEANUT BUTTER for breakfast!!!  It totally made me day!! 

 After my adventure in Monsafu I got to return here to SanFelipe. It has been a wonderful week here. We had a great lesson with Karen and her whole family about the pre-mortal world and the plan of happiness that God has given to us. It was a wonderful lesson. One thing that I really love here is when we sing hymns during lessons. It invites the Spirit so quickly and is a great way to teach simple truths. Also, I like how some of the hymns are not translated directly, just the other day during a lesson with Paula we sang the hymn   Did you think to Pray the lyrics in the chorus were so much more powerful in Spanish and were exactly what she needed to hear. Also during the lesson with Paula, my favorite miracle of the week happened. She was talking with us about some of her challenges but I couldn´t understand her at all. First off, because she was speaking quickly, and secondly her door was wide open and there was construction going on outside. It has been my goal all week to really focus on people and internalize every word they say. So the added distraction was beginning to frustrate me. So, I said a little prayer that maybe there would be a break in conversation so I could jump up, close the door, and focus on Paula. That´s when the miracle happened. Right after my little prayer, a gust of wind slammed the door shut. I was so grateful for the miracle and for the opportunity to really focus on Paula and hear her needs. 

 The other great miracle of the week happened yesterday on our way to church we were kind of disappointed because all of the investigators who we had tried to wake up for church did not end up coming with us. But, as we were walking to church a young man stopped us. He said his name was Marvin and he was wondering if we were headed to a church. We were so happy to teach him as we walked to church. He enjoyed sacrament meeting and invited us to come teach him again. He is searching for peace and to know what decisions are right and I am so excited to share with him the testimony that I have of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is an essential part of this life. If we follow the example of Jesus Christ we will one day be able to live with our loving Father in Heaven. I am so grateful for the plan of happiness that God has given to us. It has helped me to have hope and to understand the challenges of this life with an eternal perspective. I love this gospel and am so grateful for this opportunity to share it!


Hermana Kimball

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