Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

This week was cambios but I got super lucky and my compañera, Hermana San Román and I got to switch areas together. We are now serving in Chiclayo Central. It is most definitely the heart of the city. It is a busy busy place, with lots of shopping, lots of taxis, and lots of people to share the gospel with. We share the ward with two other Elders and the ward is so excited to have so many missionaries. We have received an abundance of references, dinner appointments, and members who volunteer to accompany us, it is WONDERFUL!! Also Hermana San Román and I get to live with our pensionista Hermana Yataco. Her family is lo máximo!!! Plus she makes delicious food!  Also, our room is fantastic because we can go up on the roof and do morning exercise as the sun rises over the steeples of the big Catholic is quite awesome!!  

Anyways, since this week we were opening up the new area we were starting from scratch, we went to visit all the leaders in the ward and sought out some people who haven´t been coming to church in a while. We have fallen in love with one family here. The three daughters were baptized a few years back, but have stopped coming recently. We visited them a couple times this week. Their Mom taught us how to cook Lomo Saltado and we had a great conversation about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the blessings that it offers to our families. I loved being with them and really assisting in bringing the Spirit back into their home. 

Also this week as a companionship, Hermana San Román and I studied the importance of Church attendance and how we can receive revelation through attending Sacrament each week. It was great to study together and then share with members. We both went to church with questions in mind, and our questions were answered. It was great and we received some inspired guidance for how to help some of the people that we have begun to teach. 

I know that the hour that we spend each week in Sacrament meeting, is the most important hour of our week. We must prepare for this throughout the whole week by repenting daily and making every effort to keep our covenants. Then as we renew our covenants on Sunday we will be able to remember the things we need to change and the people we need to serve. I love being a missionary because I get to share this with so many people every day. I know that covenants are essential to the plan of Salvation and we must remember and strive to always be faithful to the covenants that we have made with heavenly Father.

Write often!

Con Amor,

Hermana Kimball