Sunday, August 18, 2013



Wow! Esta semana pasó muy muy muy rápido. Tuvimos actividades cada día! Tuesday we had a noche de hogar con todo el barrio. Then Wednesday we did splits with members and visited families who haven´t come to church in a while. On Thursday we had a Show de Talentos. The four missionaries in the ward ( Hna. San Roman, Elder Segura, Elder Law, and I) did a short skit. It was quite hilarious!  Then on Friday we had an Open House and invited lots of people in with delicious Peruvian desserts. We had some great contacts from the activity and have begun teaching some of them. One lady is absolutely amazing; she has been searching for this and is so excited to have found the Gospel. Also, this week we finally met the father of one of the ward members. Since we arrived here, everyone has been warning us about this brother, his stubbornness, rudeness and pride. We were a little intimidated to meet him, but so grateful that we did. He is wonderful. He knows the Bible backward and forward, and he told us right out that he wants to get baptized. His fear is that he won´t be able to be perfect after his baptism. We are so excited to help him take the leap of faith, be baptized then make use of the guidance of the Holy Ghost, daily repentance, and the Sacrament ( to renew the baptismal covenant each week). I love sharing this message of hope with others. I know that when we make covenants with God, he will bless us more than we can imagine. Heavenly Father loves us and wants to bless us, we must act in faith. We must pray for, and give thanks for all of the blessing that we receive. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve the people here in Peru. Their love has touched my heart. I know that Heavenly Father loves all of his children and I am so blessed to feel a portion of that love as I serve as a Representative of Jesus Christ.

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Con Amor,

Hermana Kimball


Hermana Kimball

Los Alamos 128 

Santa Victoria

Chiclayo, Lambayeque