Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cambios. Transfers. Change. No matter how you say it, there is a mix of emotion. I have loved every minute here in Chiclayo Central and was so surprised to get the news that I will be transferring to a different area in the mission. The people in this area are amazing and my companion is the best! It is sad to leave, but I know that change is always a new opportunity to learn and grow. Tomorrow I will find out where I am headed to, and will let you all know next week. Just keep praying for me and for the people here, that they will continue to open their hearts and receive the gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives. 

Well this week we spent a good deal of time in the Medical Clinic. Hermana San Román was having some troubles with her foot still so we were in the clinic often this week to find a solution to the problem. But the awesome part was that even though we were at the doctor we were able to share the gospel. When we first entered the doctor’s office, we were greeted by the doctor. Instead of the normal "Ok what can I do for you" The doctor sat down, and said "I was reading in Revelation today...” It was wonderful. He talked with us about the need for all of us, the Children of God to show love for one another. He brought out his tiny Bible and read the last few verses of Corinthians 13 Love is patient. Love is kind. I love these verses and we had a great conversation with the doctor. He related parables from the Bible and shared with us his testimony of the scriptures. He expressed the importance of praying for understanding of the scriptures, before, during and after your studies. Needless to say we were thrilled to find out that he lives in our area! And the best part was when my companion said that she was scared of what might be the problem with her foot the doctor looked  right at her with a  bit of a smile and said "miedo es de Satanás". My companion and I have been using this line all week because it is so true. If we truly trust in the Lord and have faith in his plan for us, we need not fear. Our Father in Heaven has a plan for each of us. If we keep the commandments, the terms that he has set, we need not fear. He loves us and He knows what is best for us. Trust in Him and his plan.

With God all things are possible, we need not fear.

Con Amor,
Hermana Kimball