Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

Mosefu is wonderful! There are not very many members here so there is lots of work to be done but it is such a fun place to be. I love the atmosphere here. Plus this week there was a huge festival for the Cruz de Matupe. There were huge crowds of people and lots of music and decorations all over the place; it was a great welcome to Monsefu. My new companion is Hermana Vargas, she is from Lima and is waiting for her visa so she can serve in Argentina, but hopefully we will have at least one complete transfer together because she is great!! 

This week I got to meet most of the investigators and members here in Monsefu. One couple who we are teaching is lots of fun, the husband teaches science at the local catholic school and he always has lots of questions. It is so inspiring to watch this couple make changes in their lives as they encourage each other to read the scriptures and pray. Their baptism is planned for the end of the month and we are so excited to help them make this decision and draw nearer to Christ. 

Also, there are three missionaries serving from the tiny branch here in Monsefu. And the part that is even more awesome is that their families are not members. So we are working SUPER hard to help these family members receive the blessings that the Lord wants to offer them for the missionary service of their family member. 

I don’t have too much more time.. but this week was stake conference. We all gathered at the chapel in the morning and took a bus into Chiclayo for the conference. It was so fun to be stuffed in a tiny bus with the branch singing hymns all the way to Chiclayo. Plus, the conference was fantastic! Elder Richard G. Scott spoke via satellite... in Spanish!! 

Well, I love you all,
Keep in touch!

Con Amor,

Hermana Kimball