Sunday, October 27, 2013

Come what may and Love it

This week was a bit of a rollercoaster ride. I’m in the process of creating a formula to love the discouraging moments. I stole most of these ideas from the talk "Come what may and love it” By Elder Wirthlin.  I absolutely love that talk!! 


First off, count your blessings. Love the little things...the cute puppies in the street, the warm soy milk in the morning or, the smell of fresh bread in the plaza.


Second, learn to laugh. When the day has been tough and your companion somehow trips into a hole in the street, just laugh it off together and keep walking. See the humor in the tough times.


Third, remember that there is a balance in all things. So, if you’ve had a bad day just remember that it’s a universal law that, an awesome day is on the way! 


Everyone has trials, we need them, we are humbled by them, and ultimately we learn from them. Love the tough times. With lots of prayer and faith in the Lord we can make it (happily) through whatever comes our way.


Be strong, Keep the faith and Follow the Lord.


Con Amor,

Hermana Kimball

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Hey Everyone!
I cannot believe how quickly the time passes here. This week we dedicated lots of our time to contacting references from members and knocking doors. Without a doubt, references are much more effective. Plus the members love to help out when we are teaching their friends. It is so great to see the members really get involved in the work of salvation. There is a special joy that comes from sharing the Gospel with others. Our testimonies are very dear to us, but I know that when we share them, with all the sincerity of our hearts, the message will touch the hearts of others. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ and am so grateful for the guidance it brings to my life. I hope that all of you can also feel the peace that the gospel brings, live according to what you believe, and share that testimony and love with others. This week the branch president asked us to visit with an elderly gentleman who, due to his health, is unable to come to church on Sundays. Hermana Jennifer and I stopped by one evening to visit, and we arrived just in time to celebrate his 80th birthday. It was fantastic. Before the family fiesta started we sang his favorite hymn as a birthday gift. He was so happy to have us there and we enjoyed the opportunity to visit with his daughters. They each are of different religions but we had a pleasant conversation about the gospel. And of course we enjoyed the cake and inca kola! 

Also this week there was a national holiday, all of our plans fell through, so we were wandering the streets of Monsefu and found ourselves at the door of a family who hasn't been coming to church in a while. We knocked on the door and were blessed to find almost the entire family there. They were surprised by our visit but graciously let us enter. We had a great lesson with the family. I love these moments when really we feel that we are guided by the Lord to find his children who are straying from his paths. I know that God loves all of his children and I hope that we all can reach out to those around us and help them to feel the love of God in their lives.

I love you all. Pray always and Trust in the Lord.

Con Amor,
Hermana Kimball

Sunday, October 13, 2013

La despedida de Hnita Vargas en el aeropuerto



  Mi nueva compañera y su familia

Un pajarito     

I am just very grateful that they were not on my plate for dinner

Cambios  (again!!) My wonderful compañera Hermana Vargas got her visa for Argentina and left this morning to finally arrive in her designated mission. It was sad to say goodbye, she is an amazing missionary and we were working so well together, setting goals, reaching them, and celebrating. While she is headed off on a new adventure, I am so pumped to finish up this transfer with a mini missionary. Hermana Jennifer Lisa, from Chiclayo, She is prepping to serve a mission in a year or so and is so excited to have the opportunity to get a taste of mission life now. 

Also this weekend was General Conference. Wow! I am so grateful for a living prophet who guides this church under the direction of the Lord. So many messages touched my heart and expanded my understanding (even though it was all in Spanish). I loved the message from Sister Carole  Stephens. She spoke of the divine nature that each one of us has and the potential that we have as sons and daughters of God to become like him. I know that we all have this potential and I know that when we truly know who we are, we will fix our vision on the eternities and never look back. I also loved the thought from Elder Timothy Dyches, who said that "Christ loves us for who we are and for who we can become." I know that Christ has shown us the way to become like him. If we follow his example and use His atonement in our lives. When we repent of our mistakes with true intent, we can change the very desires of our hearts we can leave behind all the errors and begin again. Daily repentance is an act of faith and I know that when we center our faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, the spiritual wounds that we have will be healed and we can start anew to walk in the path of the Lord. Lastly, I loved the talks from Sister Oscarson and Elder Nelson. Both talked about the daily decisions that we make. I have always remembered the quote that Mom cross-stitched years ago that hangs on our wall; it says “We are free to choose but we are not free to alter the consequences of those choices." We must be wise. We cannot afford to keep our view fixed on today; we must look towards the eternities and make those choices that will lead us to eternal happiness. This life is the time for us to prepare to meet our God. The shot clock is ticking down.  Now is the time to act! I love the hymn, "Who’s on the Lords Side?" I can’t remember how it goes in Inglish but in Spanish the chorus says, "Quien sigue al señor, toma tu decision clamamos sin temor, quien sigue al señor." or a rough translation, Who is fighting on the Lords side? Make your decision, then come fight with all the energy of your heart and soul. I know that the Lords way is the only road that will lead us to peace in this life and joy in the life to come. We must make the decision NOW to follow his path and to always, ALWAYS, testify of him and witness of the power of the atonement. I am so grateful for the living prophet and apostles who guide us through these perilous times. I know that they speak the word of God and I invite all of you to study their words, then apply what you have learned. Make the Decision, He will guide you and bless you. 

I Love you all!

Con Amor,

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fotos of Goal Chart

My comp and I by our chart .. WHOOO!! we reached our goal!  

another pic by the chart..  This one is for vanities sake so you all don't think that my hair always looks like the mess that is in the first picture  :D

Goal and Plans

Make plans and set goals. As a missionary we do that EVERY DAY!  But this week we really focused on a goal..and we saw our progress. It was lots of fun. The first couple of weeks of the transfer we were getting discouraged that nobody was giving us references to contact. But one day.. we realized that  well, we hadn't ASKED hardly anyone for references. So we set a goal to ask for references. The first day we asked more people than we had the entire week before. We were so excited with how simple it really was. So we set a goal, made a cute little chart for the wall and got to work. It was lots of fun to focus on one goal. And as we focused on asking people for references, we received lots of references.. and many of these references are now people who are happily learning about their Savior and the Plan of happiness that God has for us. In the end of the week we had reached our goal, surpassed it actually. And we saw the miracles that followed. I really gained a testimony of the small and simple things. Sometimes it seems silly to focus on the little things when we are trying to accomplish something HUGE. But, I know that "by small and simple things, great things will come to pass" Alma 37:6   This week Hermana Vargas and I focused on the small and simple thing of asking people for references.. and as we did that we accomplished great things, and ultimately progressed in many other aspects of the work as well...members were accompanying us to visit their friends, we found new people to teach and we had a lot of fun as a companionship as we worked together to reach the goal. I definitely saw the miracle from the small and simple thing. For all of us there are small and simple things required if we want to achieve great things. There are three small and simple things that all of us can do and I promise that if we do them, we will see great things happen.  
1. Pray.  EVERY DAY!!  ALWAYS!  Talk with God, share your hopes, sorrows and the day to day tasks that seem... well, small and simple. 

2. Read the Scriptures. also every day.. even if you begin with a verse everyday The daily diligence will bring blessings.

3. Tell those you love that you love them, and say it with meaning, tell them a reason WHY you love them. It is a small statement but by small and simple things, great things will happen.

I love you lots, and I pray for you daily. 

Thanks for the letters!!

Con Amor,

Hermana Kimball