Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cambios  (again!!) My wonderful compañera Hermana Vargas got her visa for Argentina and left this morning to finally arrive in her designated mission. It was sad to say goodbye, she is an amazing missionary and we were working so well together, setting goals, reaching them, and celebrating. While she is headed off on a new adventure, I am so pumped to finish up this transfer with a mini missionary. Hermana Jennifer Lisa, from Chiclayo, She is prepping to serve a mission in a year or so and is so excited to have the opportunity to get a taste of mission life now. 

Also this weekend was General Conference. Wow! I am so grateful for a living prophet who guides this church under the direction of the Lord. So many messages touched my heart and expanded my understanding (even though it was all in Spanish). I loved the message from Sister Carole  Stephens. She spoke of the divine nature that each one of us has and the potential that we have as sons and daughters of God to become like him. I know that we all have this potential and I know that when we truly know who we are, we will fix our vision on the eternities and never look back. I also loved the thought from Elder Timothy Dyches, who said that "Christ loves us for who we are and for who we can become." I know that Christ has shown us the way to become like him. If we follow his example and use His atonement in our lives. When we repent of our mistakes with true intent, we can change the very desires of our hearts we can leave behind all the errors and begin again. Daily repentance is an act of faith and I know that when we center our faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, the spiritual wounds that we have will be healed and we can start anew to walk in the path of the Lord. Lastly, I loved the talks from Sister Oscarson and Elder Nelson. Both talked about the daily decisions that we make. I have always remembered the quote that Mom cross-stitched years ago that hangs on our wall; it says “We are free to choose but we are not free to alter the consequences of those choices." We must be wise. We cannot afford to keep our view fixed on today; we must look towards the eternities and make those choices that will lead us to eternal happiness. This life is the time for us to prepare to meet our God. The shot clock is ticking down.  Now is the time to act! I love the hymn, "Who’s on the Lords Side?" I can’t remember how it goes in Inglish but in Spanish the chorus says, "Quien sigue al señor, toma tu decision clamamos sin temor, quien sigue al señor." or a rough translation, Who is fighting on the Lords side? Make your decision, then come fight with all the energy of your heart and soul. I know that the Lords way is the only road that will lead us to peace in this life and joy in the life to come. We must make the decision NOW to follow his path and to always, ALWAYS, testify of him and witness of the power of the atonement. I am so grateful for the living prophet and apostles who guide us through these perilous times. I know that they speak the word of God and I invite all of you to study their words, then apply what you have learned. Make the Decision, He will guide you and bless you. 

I Love you all!

Con Amor,