Sunday, December 8, 2013


Wow! I cannot believe that it is already Diciembre! The Christmas decorations have started going up here in Peru.. and the weather is just getting hotter.. and hotter. Change is in the air. In fact.. I have transfers again! Tomorrow I will know where I am headed off to now. It has been beyond amazing to serve here in Monsefu. I Love the people here with all my heart.
This week flew by and  a lot happened. Elder Calderon a member of the Area Presidency came to talk with our mission. He gave a great training,. I loved his thoughts on how creativity is sparked in an environment of love and support. Also, this week we had a fantastic branch activity. It was called the Plan de Salvacion. It was like a carnival. There was a room set up like a coffee shop (minus the coffee). A room like a discoteca, one with games for little kids (including guinea pig races), a movie theater in another room, and a little chapel in another room. All the people were given fake "dollars" and had free reign of the chapel to spend their "cash" and enjoy all the games. However, after awhile, we stopped all activity and gathered all the people together. We explained that sometimes in life we are influenced to spend our time in the coffee shop or the disco instead of giving time to the Lord. Depening on where the people ended up they were asigned to a degree of glory in the "heavens". Hopefully that explanation makes some sense... It was a fantastic activity. Loads of fun and lots of people came.. unfortunately many stayed in the discoteca the whole time.. but they came!! and learned a little bit of doctrine in the end.!
And the moment most joyful for me this week was when Hermano Jaime got up in testimony meeting and shared his testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel and his desire to be with his family for the eternities. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have had here in Monsefu to share the gospel with Hermano Jaime and his family, to watch his process of repentance, to witness his baptism, and feel the spirit as he testified. What a privilege it is to witness the miracle of true repentance. 

Hermana Kimball