Sunday, December 1, 2013

  Wow this week was jam packed with wonderful moments I really am not sure where to begin.. So first of all Elder Russell M. Nelson came to Chiclayo Peru! Elder Nelson is an apostle of the Lord and he came to talk with all of the missionaries in Chiclayo. It was incredible. We all got to shake his hand and he gave a great talk about the potential that each one of us has. He reminded us that before we came to this Earth we lived as spirits with our Father in Heaven. In this pre-earth life we agreed to Gods Plan for us, we learned about the gospel, and we promised God that we would accomplish certain things while here on Earth. Elder Nelson told us that one of the things we (the missionaries in Chiclayo) promised to do was serve a mission. He also left us with the apostolic blessing that if we continue to work with our hearts centered on the Lord our families will be blessed for the eternities. So family, I will continue to give it all that I’ve got and I know the blessings will come your way! 

The second awesome thing was that on Saturday we did divisions. So there are 4 full time missionaries in the Branch, and there are 4 young adults who are waiting for their mission calls to come before the year end. So on Saturday my companion and I split up and took on the responsibility of one the mini missionaries. I was paired up with Brilly Chumioque. She is Awesome! We knocked doors, contacted in the street, found some wonderful new people and had a baptism!! It was loads of fun to give Brilly a taste of the missionary life. She will be a wonderful missionary in the not too far future!! 

And the third thing, as I mentioned, we had a baptism. This was the first baptism of someone who I have taught and taught and taught. It was a wonderful experience. I am so privileged to have taught Jaime and his wife, to have been in all those lessons, to watch his conversion and see his testimony grow. Hermano Jaime is a young father who teaches at the local catholic school. His wife, Monica, is great and their little son, Renzo, is a bit of a whirlwind. The first time the three of them came together to the chapel was such a happy day, Renzito loved the elevator, and Jaime and Monica loved the spirit there!  Jaime came every week to church and we continued to share the gospel in their little store. I remember the strength of the Spirit in one lesson when Jaime said "I want to be baptized, I know I need to do it. But I don’t want to be saved alone; I want my family with me." As the weeks continued to pass his desire grew. Although his wife is still learning and not quite ready to take that leap of faith, This Saturday Jaime was baptized. His mother and sister (recent converts to the Church) were there! It was a beautiful moment and I am still praying that in the near future Monica will follow his lead and together they can start on the path toward the temple.

I know this is the gospel of Jesus Christ and I am so grateful to see the miracle of repentance change the hearts of these precious children of God!

I love you all!
Con Amor,
Hermana Kimball