Sunday, January 12, 2014


   This year has started out Wonderfully! My companion and I have set some new goals and we are putting them into practice. As all the parties are winding down we have again been able to teach people. We are focusing on a couple of families for these first months. One family has listened to missionaries for a while; the two daughters are baptized and come to church every week. However, the parents still aren´t married, so their baptism is on hold. We are excited to help the couple progress so that the family can be together in the gospel. Also we recently started teaching another family. There is a wonderful spirit of unity in their home and we are so happy to have the opportunity to help them discover the added measure of joy that is available when we live the Gospel. They were thrilled to hear that there is a living prophet who helps guide families in their path towards eternal life. 
  Recently an older sister asked what it means to us to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. We explained that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a cycle of 4 steps. First, faith in Jesus Christ that he is our Savior. Second, repentance..daily! Third, making covenants; starting with baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost all the way to the sealing in the temple. And fourth, Enduring to the end, or in other words keeping the commandments and continually striving to do better. That is what it means to me to Live and APPLY the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. And I know that if we do this we will have peace in this life and JOY for the eternities. 

Also funny story of the week. We went by on Wednesday as usual to pick up our laundry from the sweet sister who washes and irons our clothes. However the sister wasn´t there and nor was our laundry. The little grandma who lives there (Maria... who I sent a foto of last week..with her Liahona) told us to try again the next day. We returned the next day and still nothing. On friday.. still nothing..we were getting a little concerned for our lack of wardrobe so on Saturday we returned again. Only Maria was there.. We inquired about the clothes  and with a look of pure innocence she shrugged her shoulders. We almost left.. exasperated, thinking that we would be wearing the same outfit tomorrow... but  the sneaky little grandma broke into a grin, opened the door and had the bags of laundry there.. We all broke into laughter of relief and of surprise at the humor of the sweet little abuelita. We learned a bit about patience and about the gift of always having sense of humor. Especially, when we pass through the little bumps in the road of life.

Con Amor,
Hermana Kimball