Sunday, January 19, 2014


Cambios!!  This whole week Hermana Fuller and I have been prepping for transfers. But, in fact we are both staying here for another six weeks.. it was a Wonderful surprise and we are full of excitement to make some new goals and reach them!! This week we had exchanges in Olmos. I went up to Olmos (a two hour combi ride) and got to serve there with Hermana Bonifacio for the day. She is Awesome and Olmos is way cool. Well, actually it is Super-HOT but it was cool because there are lots of fruit trees and everyone offered us fresh picked mangos, mango juice, and mango popsicles. I met some amazing people there in Olmos. One couple reminded me a lot of Amanda and Daniel. They were the same age as Amanda and Daniel and had a sweet little one year old girl :)  They were such faithful members, the brother was in a wheelchair but at every opportunity he was looking for ways in which he could serve others. It was inspiring to watch. 

Also this week we went with an Hermana, who we have been teaching now for a few weeks, to visit her Abuela. The sweet grandmother has been bedridden for 8 years. Over the past few months her health has declined significantly making it impossible for her to speak. As we sang hymns and shared scripture with this sweet sister her eyes filled with tears, and she tried to speak, but could not.  She tightly gripped our hands not wanting us to leave. I cannot imagine how it would feel to want so badly to express your thoughts but to not have the physical capability to do so. Often I think that we take advantage of the ability to express ourselves with our words. Words are a powerful thing. So quickly with our voices we can express our feelings.. yet so infrequently do we actually do so. I encourage all of you to Speak up. Express the love that you have for your family and friends. Share with them your testimony of the truth, share with them of your dreams and your goals. Choose your words wisely and always use them to build up those who surround you. In this way we can emulate the wisdom of Christ and bless the lives of His Children.

Con Amor,

Hermana Kimball