Sunday, January 26, 2014

Never outside his reach

Well this one will be a little short. This week we spoke with a couple who has come to church for years but they feel unprepared for baptism due to past mistakes. We conversed with them for a while. We testified of Christ, his sacrifice and his love. We read together in the scriptures the importance of repentance and the relief and joy that it brings to us. They expressed their belief in Jesus Christ yet in the end they still felt that they had sinned too much. They thought that the atonement didn´t cover their mistakes. They felt that they had to carry the burden alone. This is not how it is!  Christ is our Savior! He died for us! He has already carried our burdens! NEVER are we outside of his reach! We ALWAYS can turn to Him for strength, for forgiveness, for love and for Comfort. He Lives and He Loves us. Stay by His side, seek Him in all things!


Hermana Kimball