Monday, February 24, 2014

Ice Cream sundaes

Lunch with Hermana Ismelda and her Family.

Family Night

Ice Cream sundaes with strawberry jam on top was the perfect P-day treat for a VERY HOT Peruvian morning...Though we did look a bit like typical tourists taking fotos of our ice cream ...jajaja 

Sabbath day promise

Hey Everyone!
   This week was Wonderful! Hermana Fuller and I are feeling the joy that comes only from seeing people apply the Atonement in their lives. I love watching the miracle of change. It is truly amazing to see the progress that comes when someone begins to apply the principles of the Gospel in their lives. 

On Saturday we went to Jayanca (about an hour or so from Lambayeque) to invite some less active members to the Stake Conference. We were doing visits with President Monteza from the Stake Presidency, I haven´t had the opportunity to talk much with him, but in the short time he accompanied us on the visits, I learned so much. In the first home, the young father explained that he hasn't been to church in months because he is desperate for work so that he can feed his family. We invited him to the conference and promised that if He came to the conference he would be able to find suitable work. President Monteza testified of the Sabbath Day and the necessity to sanctify it. The young father broke into tears. His head hung down as he expressed his desire to renew his covenants but of the need to work because his young children beg him daily for food that he does not possess to give them. Tears also came to my eyes as I put myself in his place, those tears return now as I write about the experience. That father loves his family so much! He knows that God loves him and them. But as the father stated himself, he lacks the faith to put his needs into the Lord´s hands. As his tears continued to flow, his loving church leader moved to his side and embraced the crying father. President Monteza again testified of the blessings of the Sabbath, but now his words were filled with the power and Love of the Savior. What an amazing leader! That love that that Priesthood leader expressed for the young father filled again my eyes with tears. Not for the plight of the father and his family, but rather tears of hope. I could see the eternal perspective. I could see that food was not what this family lacked; rather they lacked a simple act of faith. The Lord blesses us in accordance with our obedience. I pray with all my heart that the young father was able to take that leap of faith and go to church. I know that God loves us. He knows us perfectly and he knows what we truly need. If we ask and act in faith, He will give us what we need. He Lives and He loves us.

Con Amor,
Hermana Kimball

Sunday, February 9, 2014



 Hermano Oscar y Hermana Rosalena

 La Familia Tejada Espinoza

Feel the Spirit

Happy Groundhog´s Day! 
I tried explaining that holiday to some Peruvians.. but it didn´t quite make sense to them. But really, I´m not sure if it makes much sense to me either. 

Anyway, this week was rocking!! So many members helped us out. They came visiting with us, they gave us fresh fruit, they offered us free rides in their motos. A new excitement for missionary work has infused not only in our apartment but the whole branch as well. We are pumped to see what these last few weeks of transfers will bring. Also this week a hermano who we have been praying, and fasting, and praying for, and teaching, finally came to church. We absolutely love his family. His daughters are already members and his wife wants to be baptized, they just need to get married first. I know that he knows this gospel is LA VERDAD.. but I don´t think he has really felt it in his heart. We can know all there is to know about this church, but if we never take the time to ponder, and feel the power of the Holy Ghost we will never act. The job of the Holy Ghost is to bear testimony of the reality of the Living Christ and of his Atonement. I have often felt the Spirit as I testify of Christ. I feel my heart fill with peace.  The love, peace, happiness, and joy that we feel are testimony from the Holy Ghost. It is IMPERATIVE  that we take the time to stop and feel the spirit. In Seminary, Brother Bollard always said.. Turn off the noise.  That truly is necessary. The Spirit is the catalyst for action. When we feel the Spirit we feel the need to act on what we know to be true. I have felt the Spirit testify to me that Christ Lives and that he loves us. I invite you all to pray, read, meditate, and pay attention to how you truly feel. The Spirit wants to be your constant companion, invite Him into your life, allow him to guide you!

Con Amor,
Hermana Kimball

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Las Piramides de Tucume

We made it to the top!  Las Pirámides de Túcume!  
 Rice fields!
We ALL finally made it to the top!


Scriptures provide Spiritual protection

Scriptures are the key to spiritual protection that was the lesson yesterday in Sunday school and I absolutely LOVED it! It is so true! I have found so much peace, guidance and strength from my daily reading of the scriptures. I am so blessed to have time set aside here specifically to study the word of God. I have fallen in love with the scriptures. The Bible is filled with beautiful passages. I love the writings of Paul; I have found much spiritual strength in his writings. In the Book of Mormon I have found a clarity that brings so much direction whenever I have decisions to make. I know that these books are the word of God and they can help us so much if we study them daily. Yesterday in the Sunday school class the teacher asked some of the sisters what their daily routine was like, and how they fit scripture study into their day. I loved what Hermanita María said. She is a sweet, funny and tiny old Peruvian woman. She said that every morning she wakes up, praising her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Then she washes her face cleans up the house and sits down on her bed to read. Many times when we have passed by to visit Hermana María we have found her there, reading. She is so full of faith. Her health is failing and she can´t walk around too much. But she is always holding tightly to a book of scripture, the Bible, the Book of Mormon, or the most recent Ensign. She loves the words of the prophets, she loves the Word of God and she lives it. In her I see the spiritual strength and faith that comes from a daily feast of the word of God. We know that in the last days perilous times will come (2Timothy 3) but as it says in these verses, we have learned from the scriptures since our youth and with this knowledge, comfort and direction, we will have strength to withstand whatever difficulties that we may face. I invite you all to take the next step in your study of the scriptures. If you don´t read, start reading. If you read a bit now and then, make it a daily habit to read. If you read daily, start searching and applying the truths that you learn. I know that this habit brings strength and comfort. God loves us so much and has given us these sacred writings so that we can know for ourselves what the truth is. Seek that truth, love the word of God, let it change your perspective. 

Con Amor,
Hermana Kimball