Sunday, February 2, 2014

Scriptures provide Spiritual protection

Scriptures are the key to spiritual protection that was the lesson yesterday in Sunday school and I absolutely LOVED it! It is so true! I have found so much peace, guidance and strength from my daily reading of the scriptures. I am so blessed to have time set aside here specifically to study the word of God. I have fallen in love with the scriptures. The Bible is filled with beautiful passages. I love the writings of Paul; I have found much spiritual strength in his writings. In the Book of Mormon I have found a clarity that brings so much direction whenever I have decisions to make. I know that these books are the word of God and they can help us so much if we study them daily. Yesterday in the Sunday school class the teacher asked some of the sisters what their daily routine was like, and how they fit scripture study into their day. I loved what Hermanita María said. She is a sweet, funny and tiny old Peruvian woman. She said that every morning she wakes up, praising her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Then she washes her face cleans up the house and sits down on her bed to read. Many times when we have passed by to visit Hermana María we have found her there, reading. She is so full of faith. Her health is failing and she can´t walk around too much. But she is always holding tightly to a book of scripture, the Bible, the Book of Mormon, or the most recent Ensign. She loves the words of the prophets, she loves the Word of God and she lives it. In her I see the spiritual strength and faith that comes from a daily feast of the word of God. We know that in the last days perilous times will come (2Timothy 3) but as it says in these verses, we have learned from the scriptures since our youth and with this knowledge, comfort and direction, we will have strength to withstand whatever difficulties that we may face. I invite you all to take the next step in your study of the scriptures. If you don´t read, start reading. If you read a bit now and then, make it a daily habit to read. If you read daily, start searching and applying the truths that you learn. I know that this habit brings strength and comfort. God loves us so much and has given us these sacred writings so that we can know for ourselves what the truth is. Seek that truth, love the word of God, let it change your perspective. 

Con Amor,
Hermana Kimball