Sunday, March 23, 2014

Temple pictures

Hermana Kimball at Lima Peru Temple 

LDS Temple Lima Peru

 I ran into Hermana Apaza en Lima (I think she is from pucalpa.. and hermana yost served in her ward... she had Allie Yost´s hymn book and we had a good  talk about allie´s awesomeness   :)

Hermana Kingsford and I with Eliana y Loredina  :)

Hermano Luis se bautizó!!!   :D

Lima Peru Temple Trip

   Wow!  Where to start, this week was incredible! Hermano Luis was baptized, the weather almost has cooled down, and I got to fly in an airplane... but
To start out the week God granted me the best gift of all time... I got to go to the Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Lima Peru. The temple, in whichever country of the world, is God´s house. His spirit fills those halls constantly. It was truly an answer to my prayers to be able to visit the temple. I left feeling so spiritually strong, so happy, and so ready to help more of God´s children be able to enter therein as well. There is a Spirit so special at the temple. I really do not know how to describe the joy that I feel when I enter the temple. The peace and love that abounds there infuses the deepest reaches of my soul. I love the temple. It is proof to me of the Love that God has for us and evidence of the truthfulness of His Gospel. I encourage all of you to visit the temple more often. Go to the temple; cleave to your covenants (D&C 25:12). Even if you do not know the significance of the temple, I invite you to find out for yourself. First find a temple, there is bound to be one close by. Then go to the grounds, turn off your cellphone, i-pod, etc....and think. Ponder about who God is for you, meditate in the many blessings that He has given you, ask God what it is that He expects of you. Then ask God if that temple is truly His home and I promise that as you sit on those sacred temple grounds, you will recognize that the spirit there is from God.  You will know that it is His Home. (D&C 109:13)  And when you recognize that, I hope you do everything necessary to always be able to worthily enter that sacred building. 

Con Amor,
Hermana Kimball

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fotos of Friends

All the little girls that live next to the church... they are so fun and always attack us with hugs and kisses. 

Goodbye to Hermana Fuller, she got transferred to Cajamarca!

Hermana Martha se bautizó

Typical Sister Missionary foto  :)

Hermana Martha se bautizó

La Sociedad de Socorro!

 PDay de Hermanas... mi compañera se fue a Lima entonces yo quedé en Chiclayo y pude visitar con las hermanas!! 

Plan of Salvation

Hola Familia y Amigos!!

 This week I learned a bit more about the beauty of God´s Plan of Salvation. In one lesson we taught a young man about pre-earth life and life after death. We explained how for years and years before this life on earth, we lived as Spirits in the presence of our Father in Heaven. We told him that he was there, as Christ presented the Plan and how he used his agency to choose to follow the Plan that Jesus Christ prepared. Then we explained that we came to this earth to receive a body, be tried, and follow in the footsteps of the Savior. Then, if we overcame our trials, repented of our sins, and made covenants, we would have eternal life. The young man we were teaching pondered those thoughts for a bit of time. After asking his impressions of the Plan he looked up at us and said, "It just makes me feel of so much more importance." That I truly think is the essence of God´s Plan, we really matter SO MUCH to God. He created us, He loves us, and He wants us to be like Him! Just as an earthly King, raises his child up to rule the kingdom, so does our father in heaven desire that we achieve our divine potential. We truly are of Infinite importance to God. I know that we each have a divine nature and destiny and that we must seek the will of God for us while here on this earth. 

Also, this week, another sister learned the truth of the eternities. Hermana Martha, a seventy three year old sister, has come to church with her family for years. Her children are baptized but she had always refused to take that step. Then this week after dreaming about her deceased husband, she remembered the doctrine of eternal marriage. She pondered on that belief, and then called us; she wanted to get baptized that week. She was so set in her decision, so firm in her faith, and so very prepared. She got baptized with her eyes directed toward the temple. Her baptism was filled with members, (some of whom had never realized that the faithful sister wasn´t actually a baptized member all of these years.) She has a deep love for her Savior and a true desire to follow Him. Her family will be so blessed that she took that leap of faith. And I am so excited for the day a year from now when she will be sealed to her spouse for the eternities. What a glorious day that will be!  I know that covenants are true. As we make and keep sacred covenants we will have a sure foundation that will withstand every turmoil and temptation of this world. Build on that foundation, make covenants, and keep them. That is what leads us to life eternal. Only through covenants can we reach our divine potential.

Con Amor,
Hermana Kimball

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fotos of the Week


Hermana Kingsford, Hermana Risso, Presidente Risso, and I
P-day in Chiclayo!

Hermana Kingsford!!  
1Hermana Berta, Hermana Fuller and I.

Last weeks letter

This week was so different from the rest of the weeks on the mission. I felt an even greater energy for the work, I loved it! Maybe it´s because my companion just came from the MTC so she still has that wonderful energy and spirit for the work. It has been a good week. 

In leadership council this week, President Risso shared a principle that really hit home for me. He talked about righteous desires and ¨doing many good things of our own free will; it got me thinking a LOT! I realized that it is truly so easy to just go through life and do as we are told and if we keep the commandments yes, we will receive blessings. But we would learn so much more if we were to anxiously seek out opportunities to do good. There is no need to await the assignment. I loved the conference talk awhile back about First Observe, then Serve. That is the point of this gospel, to love and serve others and charity is when we do it from the depths of the heart with no thought of recompense. 

So, that really is the pattern we must want to serve, then we ask for opportunities, and when they arrive we serve with all of our heart. I love the example in the beginning of the book of Abraham (Abraham 1:1-4) it says that Abraham, “sought the blessings,” he was, “desiring also to be one who possessed great knowledge.” Throughout the verses it mentions some of the many other righteous desires of Abraham. He wanted the blessings, he wanted wisdom and he wanted to do whatever was necessary in order to receive those things. I love how that is what started the story of Abraham. His righteous desires paved the way of his eternal greatness. We all have amazing potential and divine destinies. But, if we do not desire to receive these blessings in our lives, they will not come. I love the statement in D&C 11:10  it says ¨Behold thou hast a gift, or thou shalt have a gift if thou wilt desire of me in faith.¨  Basically, the Lord has a lot of blessings, gifts, and
Talents stored up for us and if we want to have them we must first WANT them.  Then, as we let that righteous desire grow in us, we ask in faith, believing that we will receive and God will grant unto us that thing which we most truly stand in need of. I know that this is a true principle. God loves us. He knows our hearts and He knows our needs. Seek for the good gifts of God; be anxiously engaged in good causes, Serve with Charity. The more and more I seek out righteous desires the more I recognize the will of God for my life. He has a plan for each one of us.
Cultivate the desire to do HIS will.

Con Amor,
Hermana Kimball

I love Letters!

Hola Everybody!
    Well it is transfer week again... I am actually staying put this time, BUT my AWESOME companion Hermana Fuller is heading to another area. We have seen so many miracles together these past two transfers, I was so blessed to have her as a companion. I have learned so much! Also, I am a bit nervous for this next transfer, President says I will be training a newbie, so that should be quite a change. I don´t feel ready for that, but I know if I turn to the Lord, He won´t let me fail.  
    So this week, first of all was super-HOT!  We are downing so much water and Inka Kola it is crazy! But the great blessing is that it´s apparently fruit season here too, so daily we are offered mangos, watermelon, limes and bananas of all types. It is fantastic! But the true blessings this week were the people that we were able to find and teach. One investigator, the son of a less active sister, has begun to read the Book of Mormon, and he LOVES it! He has come to church now a couple of times with his Mom (also a miracle that she is coming now too!!) and he came to a baptism. Plus, we invited him to our sport activity and he brought a Basketball, Hermana Fuller and I had a blast playing some good all-American Basketball. But anyway, we are seeing a lot of progress with him, he has lots of questions but it is clear that he is truly searching for the truth, he wants to believe and he is taking the steps to fortify his testimony. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It is so fun to see the application of the doctrine of Christ change lives. I have found so much direction and strength in my life from Book of Mormon. If you haven´t read it, READ IT! I LOVE that book!!  
Also this week we had a Family Night with the Dávila Family. They are so wonderful! I love seeing the gospel take action in the lives of these families! When we apply the teachings of Christ in our lives... that is when we see miracles!! 
I love this work so much! Yes there are challenges but if we just work through everything with a smile, trusting in God. We will overcome, and we will learn from the tough moments as well. 

Pray Always!  
And Write me :)

Hermana Katherine Kimball
Los Alamos 128
Urbanizacion, Santa Victoria
Chicklayo, Peru

Con Amor,

Hermana Kimball

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Our awesome Zone Leader, Elder Cabrera, is heading home to Chile today. 
 My trainer, Hermana SanRomán ALSO went home today. (she´s the peruvian in the pink skirt). She was a wonderful trainer, and such an amazing example to me. 

Part of our zone came to say bye to all the people leaving so we decided to take a foto. 

Word of Wisdom

Hola Familia y Amigos!
   Whoa, I´m halfway there! Loving all the prayers!  I can´t believe I´ve been a missionary for 9months!  I LOVE this work!  There are ups and there are downs, but there is nothing that compares with the Love that as missionaries we get to feel for God´s Children here. This week we had a few interesting contacts. One; a young army kid, he left home at age 13 and joined the army as soon as he could so that he could have some form of structure in his life. He stopped us on the street asking, "Hey, What are you selling?" We happily explained that the price of salvation had already been paid; it was just up to him to Repent, Be Baptized and keep the Commandments. He asked also if his drinking habit would impede a baptism, luckily we had Word of Wisdom pamphlet on hand.  We taught him of his divine nature, explaining that he is a beloved son of the Omnipotent God. He testified that on some of his assignments in the mountains he has seen the protection from God when his army companions had prayed for safety. We affirmed the power of Prayer, and he accepted a lesson to follow up. We felt the spirit so strong as we testified to him, he had a true desire to learn. He said that alcohol had always been the temporary filler for his spiritual needs, but now he is searching for a longer lasting happiness. I know that prayer truly brings miracles of change, especially when coupled with, scripture study, diligent good works, fasting, and FAITH!

Another contact this week was not quite as happy. In fact my companion and I walked away saddened by the plight of the young mother who stopped us in the street. She was drinking, but recognized us as "Mormons". She told us that 5 years ago she was baptized into the church. But soon fell away because no one ever visited her. She stopped going to church, and began drinking, she often leaves her children home alone so she can drink with friends. She now believes that she is too much of a sinner, she asked why God didn´t send someone to save her. Her delicate spirit was deafened by the commotion of her drunkenness, and the simple truths we tried to share could not penetrate her heart. We asked for her address. God had sent someone to save her, and not just anyone, He sent his Beloved Son, to save her in all of her sins. Then he sent two of his missionaries to hand her the lifesaver, but she could not grasp it. We will try again, we will find her house, we will round up the troops and offer again the salvation that Christ so graciously offers. I pray with all my heart that she will grab on to that and never again let the currents drown out the truth that her Spirit knows!

I Love this work, the ups, the downs. The Lord is over all things. Seek Him, salvation is possible, God Sent his Son, the price of our sins has been paid.

Hermana Kimball