Sunday, March 9, 2014

I love Letters!

Hola Everybody!
    Well it is transfer week again... I am actually staying put this time, BUT my AWESOME companion Hermana Fuller is heading to another area. We have seen so many miracles together these past two transfers, I was so blessed to have her as a companion. I have learned so much! Also, I am a bit nervous for this next transfer, President says I will be training a newbie, so that should be quite a change. I don´t feel ready for that, but I know if I turn to the Lord, He won´t let me fail.  
    So this week, first of all was super-HOT!  We are downing so much water and Inka Kola it is crazy! But the great blessing is that it´s apparently fruit season here too, so daily we are offered mangos, watermelon, limes and bananas of all types. It is fantastic! But the true blessings this week were the people that we were able to find and teach. One investigator, the son of a less active sister, has begun to read the Book of Mormon, and he LOVES it! He has come to church now a couple of times with his Mom (also a miracle that she is coming now too!!) and he came to a baptism. Plus, we invited him to our sport activity and he brought a Basketball, Hermana Fuller and I had a blast playing some good all-American Basketball. But anyway, we are seeing a lot of progress with him, he has lots of questions but it is clear that he is truly searching for the truth, he wants to believe and he is taking the steps to fortify his testimony. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It is so fun to see the application of the doctrine of Christ change lives. I have found so much direction and strength in my life from Book of Mormon. If you haven´t read it, READ IT! I LOVE that book!!  
Also this week we had a Family Night with the Dávila Family. They are so wonderful! I love seeing the gospel take action in the lives of these families! When we apply the teachings of Christ in our lives... that is when we see miracles!! 
I love this work so much! Yes there are challenges but if we just work through everything with a smile, trusting in God. We will overcome, and we will learn from the tough moments as well. 

Pray Always!  
And Write me :)

Hermana Katherine Kimball
Los Alamos 128
Urbanizacion, Santa Victoria
Chicklayo, Peru

Con Amor,

Hermana Kimball