Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lima Peru Temple Trip

   Wow!  Where to start, this week was incredible! Hermano Luis was baptized, the weather almost has cooled down, and I got to fly in an airplane... but
To start out the week God granted me the best gift of all time... I got to go to the Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Lima Peru. The temple, in whichever country of the world, is God´s house. His spirit fills those halls constantly. It was truly an answer to my prayers to be able to visit the temple. I left feeling so spiritually strong, so happy, and so ready to help more of God´s children be able to enter therein as well. There is a Spirit so special at the temple. I really do not know how to describe the joy that I feel when I enter the temple. The peace and love that abounds there infuses the deepest reaches of my soul. I love the temple. It is proof to me of the Love that God has for us and evidence of the truthfulness of His Gospel. I encourage all of you to visit the temple more often. Go to the temple; cleave to your covenants (D&C 25:12). Even if you do not know the significance of the temple, I invite you to find out for yourself. First find a temple, there is bound to be one close by. Then go to the grounds, turn off your cellphone, i-pod, etc....and think. Ponder about who God is for you, meditate in the many blessings that He has given you, ask God what it is that He expects of you. Then ask God if that temple is truly His home and I promise that as you sit on those sacred temple grounds, you will recognize that the spirit there is from God.  You will know that it is His Home. (D&C 109:13)  And when you recognize that, I hope you do everything necessary to always be able to worthily enter that sacred building. 

Con Amor,
Hermana Kimball