Sunday, March 2, 2014

Word of Wisdom

Hola Familia y Amigos!
   Whoa, I´m halfway there! Loving all the prayers!  I can´t believe I´ve been a missionary for 9months!  I LOVE this work!  There are ups and there are downs, but there is nothing that compares with the Love that as missionaries we get to feel for God´s Children here. This week we had a few interesting contacts. One; a young army kid, he left home at age 13 and joined the army as soon as he could so that he could have some form of structure in his life. He stopped us on the street asking, "Hey, What are you selling?" We happily explained that the price of salvation had already been paid; it was just up to him to Repent, Be Baptized and keep the Commandments. He asked also if his drinking habit would impede a baptism, luckily we had Word of Wisdom pamphlet on hand.  We taught him of his divine nature, explaining that he is a beloved son of the Omnipotent God. He testified that on some of his assignments in the mountains he has seen the protection from God when his army companions had prayed for safety. We affirmed the power of Prayer, and he accepted a lesson to follow up. We felt the spirit so strong as we testified to him, he had a true desire to learn. He said that alcohol had always been the temporary filler for his spiritual needs, but now he is searching for a longer lasting happiness. I know that prayer truly brings miracles of change, especially when coupled with, scripture study, diligent good works, fasting, and FAITH!

Another contact this week was not quite as happy. In fact my companion and I walked away saddened by the plight of the young mother who stopped us in the street. She was drinking, but recognized us as "Mormons". She told us that 5 years ago she was baptized into the church. But soon fell away because no one ever visited her. She stopped going to church, and began drinking, she often leaves her children home alone so she can drink with friends. She now believes that she is too much of a sinner, she asked why God didn´t send someone to save her. Her delicate spirit was deafened by the commotion of her drunkenness, and the simple truths we tried to share could not penetrate her heart. We asked for her address. God had sent someone to save her, and not just anyone, He sent his Beloved Son, to save her in all of her sins. Then he sent two of his missionaries to hand her the lifesaver, but she could not grasp it. We will try again, we will find her house, we will round up the troops and offer again the salvation that Christ so graciously offers. I pray with all my heart that she will grab on to that and never again let the currents drown out the truth that her Spirit knows!

I Love this work, the ups, the downs. The Lord is over all things. Seek Him, salvation is possible, God Sent his Son, the price of our sins has been paid.

Hermana Kimball