Sunday, April 27, 2014

Pizza in Peru

Pizza party in Peru

Peruvian ducks

doing Dunkin donuts


Hey Everyone!
   I hope you all had a Wonderful Easter Week and that each of  you had the opportunity to ponder on the death and resurrection of our Savior. Reading in the Bible about the life of Christ, sharing testimony with others, and singing easter hymns, I really felt the profound gratitude for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. When I study more and more about the Plan of Salvation, it becomes more and more clear to me how much God loves us and how infinitely blessed we are that He sent His son to the Earth to atone for our sins and shortcomings. I am so grateful for the knowledge that Christ lives. He is our Savior and Redeemer. Remember Him Always!

Con Amor,
Hermana Kimball

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cotton Picking in Peru

The smallest of the tall ones  :)

Ciao! to another zone leader..Bye Elder Ttito!

Adios to Hermana Castro as well   :(

we went  cotton picking for pday!!
our branch president has fields so we spent the day at his farms...
    we got some good hard work picking cotton, a freshly plucked turkey for lunch

we got to feed the little ducks, and enjoy the all around tranquility of   the country life.    :)

Lots of Photos for the week

General Conference!


The District!
    (E´Ttito, E´Palacios, E´Muñoz, E´Giron, E´Rodriguez, E´Lopez, Hna.Kingsford and Hermana Kimball)

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!
   I really love some of the Easter time traditions that they have here. Since it is a mostly Catholic society, they celebrate la Semana Santa. On Sunday there was a procession with the statue of Christ riding on the little donkey...and the people came out with their Palm branches to remember the triumphal entry of the Savior into Jerusalem. I read the story of Palm Sunday in each of the gospels and really enjoyed seeing the slightly different perspective of each of the apostles. In one of the gospels it mentioned how many of the Jews began to follow Christ because of the miraculous raising of Lazarus. Also the gospels noted that Christ’s triumphal entry, riding into Jerusalem on a donkey was fulfillment of prophesy from the Old Testament. Reading the story in the Bible really made it come alive for me. I love the firm testimonies that the apostles share within their writings. We are so blessed to have the word of God so plainly written for us. I rejoice in the knowledge of my Savior. In one of the accounts that I read, the Pharisees tell Christ that he should reprimand his followers because they are referring to Him as a King. I love the Savior’s response; he stated that if the people were to stop praising him, the very rocks and stones of the earth would lift up their voices in Praise Him, the Savior of the World. (Lucas 19:38-40). I too know that Jesus is the Christ. I know that He came to this world to fulfill a divine purpose. His Atonement is the ultimate sacrifice through which we can again become worthy to stand in the presence of God. I know God lives and I am forever grateful for the sacrifice of His Beloved Son. I invite all of you this week to ponder who Jesus Christ really is for you. I hope that during this sacred Easter week you contemplate what His sacrifice means for you. He loves you; He wants you to return to Him.

Con Amor,
Hermana Kimball

Monday, April 14, 2014

General Conference

Hey Everyone!
   Watching General Conference is the best thing ever!! The power of the Spirit is so strong when the apostles and Prophet testify of the Living Christ. What an amazing blessing it is to have prophets on the earth today. Their inspired leadership and guidance continuously bless my life. I loved President Uchtdorf´s talk about having an attitude of gratitude no matter what whirlwind threatens to knock us down. Also, the pep talk by Bishop Gary E. Stevenson about the Olympic athletes encouraged and uplifted me a lot! I loved how he explained that we have been preparing for years in the pre-mortal life. I know that we lived as spirit beings before we came here to Earth. In that Pr-earth life we learned a LOT about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and God´s Plan for us. God prepared us to come here to the Earth, during that pre-earth existence we developed the attributes that we would need here in our earth life. Here on Earth, Christ paved the way for us. He taught us the plan. Now, we know the plan. We have the abilities necessary. Now it´s game time. We just need to do it! We must give it our all! The time here on earth is short, just a little knot in the long ribbon of our lifetime. However, what we do here will determine our state of happiness for the eternities. As Bishop Stevenson declared... "We will have all eternity to think about what we did here on Earth". It´s a little ominous, but so true. The decisions that we make daily, have eternal consequences. We must be Wise. Then when there are those mistakes, when we slip up, or stray from the path... we mustn’t give up, we cannot think that all is lost, we cannot give up Hope. The Savior of the World came to carry our burdens; He came to help us get back on track, to start over fresh. WE must do all we can to stay on the path, we must work with all of our efforts to keep His commandments. Then when we do fall short, we are blessed to be redeemed through the infinite Atonement of our Lord Jesus Christ. He Lives! He loves us! I know that is true!

Con Amor,
Hermana Kimball

Monday, April 7, 2014


Hey Everyone!
    Wow this week was quite a whirlwind. We have met lots of new and super wonderful people... it is such a blessing!  One little girl was following us through the streets so we asked her where she lived, she led us to her house. Her entire family was there, they graciiously received us into their home. The mother said we had arrived at the perfect time to help their family get back on track in spiritual things. They were so grateful to have us visit, and we were so grateful for the opportunity to share the gospel with an entire family! I know that this gospel really blesses families so it is always so joyous to see a whole family put the gospel into action. I am excited to get to teach them again and see them grow together and find strength in the Lord through covenants.
   I loved the Women´s Conference talks on covenants!  We are so blessed to have the opportunity to make covenants in this life. The covenants that I have made with God brings me security, hope and peace. Security, because I know that if I do my part, God will not let me fall. Hope, because God has promised that those who make and keep covenants will inherit eternal life, and that is a Huge thing to Hope for! And Peace, because, when we do what is right, we have peace of mind... and I know that making and keeping covenants is exactly the right thing to do!

Con Amor,
Hermana Kimball

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Our awesome Zone Leader, Elder Cabrera, is heading home to Chile today. 

My trainer, Hermana SanRom¡n ALSO went home today. (she´s the peruvian in the pink skirt). She was a wonderful trainer, and such an amazing example to me. 

Part of our zone came to say bye to all the people leaving so we decided to take a foto. 

Hola Everybody!
    Well it is transfer week again... I am actually staying put this time, BUT my AWESOME companion Hermana Fuller is heading to another area. We have seen so many miracles together these past two transfers, I was so blessed to have her as a companion, I have learned so much! Also, I am a bit nervous for this next transfer, President says I will be training a newbie, so that should be quite a change. I don´t feel ready for that, but I know if I turn to the Lord, He won´t let me fail.
    So this week, first of all was super HOT!  We are downing so much water and Inka Kola it is crazy! But the great blessing is that it´s apparently fruit season here too, so daily we are offered mangos, watermelon, limes and bananas of all types. It is fantastic! But the true blessings this week were the people that we were able to find and teach. One investigator, the son of a less active sister, has begun to read the Book of Mormon, and he LOVES it! He has come to church now a couple of times with his Mom (also a miracle that she is coming now too!!) and he came to a baptism. Plus, we invited him to our sport activity and he brought a Basketball. Hermana Fuller and I had a blast playing some good all-american Basketball. But anyway, we are seeing a lot of progress with him, he has lots of questions but it is clear that he is truly searching for the truth, he wants to believe and he is taking the steps to fortify his testimony. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It is so fun to see the application of the doctrine of Christ change lives. I have found so much direction and strength in my life from Book of Mormon. If you haven´t read it, READ IT! I LOVE that book!!
Also this week we had a Family Night with the D¡vila  Family. They are so wonderful! I love seeing the gospel take action in the lives of these families! When we apply the teachings of Christ in our lives... that is when we see miracles!!
I love this work so much! Yes there are challenges but if we just work through everything with a smile, trusting in God. We will overcome, and we will learn from the tough moments as well.
Pray Always!
And Write me  :)
Con Amor,
Hermana Kimball