Monday, April 14, 2014

General Conference

Hey Everyone!
   Watching General Conference is the best thing ever!! The power of the Spirit is so strong when the apostles and Prophet testify of the Living Christ. What an amazing blessing it is to have prophets on the earth today. Their inspired leadership and guidance continuously bless my life. I loved President Uchtdorf´s talk about having an attitude of gratitude no matter what whirlwind threatens to knock us down. Also, the pep talk by Bishop Gary E. Stevenson about the Olympic athletes encouraged and uplifted me a lot! I loved how he explained that we have been preparing for years in the pre-mortal life. I know that we lived as spirit beings before we came here to Earth. In that Pr-earth life we learned a LOT about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and God´s Plan for us. God prepared us to come here to the Earth, during that pre-earth existence we developed the attributes that we would need here in our earth life. Here on Earth, Christ paved the way for us. He taught us the plan. Now, we know the plan. We have the abilities necessary. Now it´s game time. We just need to do it! We must give it our all! The time here on earth is short, just a little knot in the long ribbon of our lifetime. However, what we do here will determine our state of happiness for the eternities. As Bishop Stevenson declared... "We will have all eternity to think about what we did here on Earth". It´s a little ominous, but so true. The decisions that we make daily, have eternal consequences. We must be Wise. Then when there are those mistakes, when we slip up, or stray from the path... we mustn’t give up, we cannot think that all is lost, we cannot give up Hope. The Savior of the World came to carry our burdens; He came to help us get back on track, to start over fresh. WE must do all we can to stay on the path, we must work with all of our efforts to keep His commandments. Then when we do fall short, we are blessed to be redeemed through the infinite Atonement of our Lord Jesus Christ. He Lives! He loves us! I know that is true!

Con Amor,
Hermana Kimball