Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!
   I really love some of the Easter time traditions that they have here. Since it is a mostly Catholic society, they celebrate la Semana Santa. On Sunday there was a procession with the statue of Christ riding on the little donkey...and the people came out with their Palm branches to remember the triumphal entry of the Savior into Jerusalem. I read the story of Palm Sunday in each of the gospels and really enjoyed seeing the slightly different perspective of each of the apostles. In one of the gospels it mentioned how many of the Jews began to follow Christ because of the miraculous raising of Lazarus. Also the gospels noted that Christ’s triumphal entry, riding into Jerusalem on a donkey was fulfillment of prophesy from the Old Testament. Reading the story in the Bible really made it come alive for me. I love the firm testimonies that the apostles share within their writings. We are so blessed to have the word of God so plainly written for us. I rejoice in the knowledge of my Savior. In one of the accounts that I read, the Pharisees tell Christ that he should reprimand his followers because they are referring to Him as a King. I love the Savior’s response; he stated that if the people were to stop praising him, the very rocks and stones of the earth would lift up their voices in Praise Him, the Savior of the World. (Lucas 19:38-40). I too know that Jesus is the Christ. I know that He came to this world to fulfill a divine purpose. His Atonement is the ultimate sacrifice through which we can again become worthy to stand in the presence of God. I know God lives and I am forever grateful for the sacrifice of His Beloved Son. I invite all of you this week to ponder who Jesus Christ really is for you. I hope that during this sacred Easter week you contemplate what His sacrifice means for you. He loves you; He wants you to return to Him.

Con Amor,
Hermana Kimball