Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Area

Hey Everyone!

  It has been a wonderful last week in Lambayeque. Tomorrow I will be headed to a new area, so I was grateful to end with such a beautiful week, chock-full of miracles, I loved it! We have met so many people this week who are so ready to put into practice the gospel of Jesus Christ. One Sister said that she is just so excited to take the necessary steps to be on God´s path. We met her tuesday and left a DVD with her to watch. Instead of watching just one of the videos, she watched them all, and invited her friends over to see them as well. When we returned later in the week she told us how much she loved the story of young Joseph Smith who, like her,  wanted so badly to know for himself what is true. She testified of the temple, its divine purpose, and of the great sacrifice and miracles that went into the establishment of  Christ´s church in this time period. On Sunday she came to church all by herself! It is truly inspiring to see someone so ready to receive the truth into their life. She knows that she wants peace and guidance in life... so she is taking the necessary steps to attain it. I pray that like her, each one of us chooses to take action. We cannot idly await for the truth to enter into our hearts. We must search. Seek for the truth, tune into the feelings of your heart, be sensitive to the guidance of the spirit. There is a God. He lives and He has extablished truth. His pure doctrine is on the Earth today. Take action, Search for it, there is no greater treasure.
I feel so blessed to have this pearl of great price in my life (Matthew 13:46). I know the gospel of Jesus Christ is true because I have lived it and seen the miracles that it initiates. I invite you to do the same. (Mosiah 4: 5-13)

Con Amor,
Hermana Kimball