Sunday, July 27, 2014

This week was great! I am feeling much better and we have organized the area. My favorite moment this week was one of the lessons with Hermanita Maricarmen. She is thirteen years old and so sweet. A few weeks ago a member sent us out to "los campos" to find Maricarmen and her family. We found them and fell in love with them immediately. She and her two younger siblings havent had much schooling, but they love to learn. About two years ago their mother passed away tragically and left the three young kids with their aunt. These children are incredible. They are so loving and desire so much to follow Christ. The first Sunday when we passed by with a member to pick them up for church... Maricarmen and her little brother Edu were all ready to go... Edu was so excited to come that he didnt finish his breakfast. After church Maricarmen mentioned how loved she felt there. The other teens had been so patient in helping her read and understand the classes. During the next lesson with her, we taught the Plan of Salvation. When we explained that families can be forever, her eyes lit up. When we taught that those who have died can receive Baptism vicariously in the temple...she literally gasped with excitement. She asked a number of times how it worked, just to be sure. It truly is an astounding doctrine, a beautiful truth that links families for the eternities. I know that those who have passed away, are in the Spirit World, awaiting the time of the Resurrection. Those who have followed the Gospel of Jesus Christ are in a state of happiness. Those who haven´t followed the Lord have, through the mercy of God, one last chance to repent and we, here on the earth, can help those people to receive Baptism for the remission of their sins and the gift of the Holy Ghost. God loves all of His children. Everyone will have the opportunity to hear His Gospel and accept His plan. For now, there is still time. We must do all we can to bring others unto Christ. He is the Light, the pathway to eternal life. Believe in Him. If we open our hearts, we too will be astounded by the beautiful truths of this Gospel.
Con Amor,

Hermana Kimball