Sunday, September 14, 2014


Families, families, families, I never realized how many families walk the streets of Cajamarca together.. in fact i am pretty sure that there weren´t so many before. But now, as we have been praying to meet complete families, they are showing up all over the place.. it is FANTASTIC! The Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses everyone who is willing to live it. However, there are extraordinary blessing available specifically for those families who choose to follow Jesus Christ. 
  This week we had the opportunity to visit a sister from the ward and her five kids. When we arrived the little boys were running around, the teens were sweeping the kitchen with the music blaring, and the mother was finishing the other saturday chores. The young mother, tired from the day of handwashing the family´s laundry, gave us a big hug and called her family into the main room. The whole scene changed.. the little boys gathered seats for everyone and the teens set up the DVD player to watch the video we had brought. Then after gathering the family, the mother bowed her head to pray. The Spirit of love filled the home as we shared testimony together. I was so touched by their desire to live the Gospel. Their thin walls were covered in pictures of temples, cut out from church magazines. It was clear that despite the challenge of aving a mostly absent husband, despite the difficult economy and despite the exhausting task of raising five kids... that young mother hade her sights set in the temple. She wants to be with her family for forever. She faithfully teaches her children so that they may one day have the joy of having an eternal family. 
  I know that familes are meant to be eternal and I know that only the Priesthood Power of God can bind families together for the eternities. 

Set your sights on the eternities!

Con Amor,
Hermana Kimball